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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentists Who Care

At Bluebird Emergency Dentistry, we care about your dental emergency and we can take care of your needs when you need to visit an emergency dentist. Our qualified staff at our dental offices can take care of everything from a broken tooth, to pain relief medication.

We know that dental emergency services can require immediate help and we make sure that our patients get the urgent care they need when they have suffered a dental accident or an emergency.

Whether you need to be seen at our Sandy, OR location or at our other offices in Oregon, we are here for you when you need emergency services. We treat our patients like family at our office and our caring dentists will make sure that your teeth are healthy after an accident or other emergency dental incident.

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What to Do If You Have a Dental Emergency

If you have suffered from an injury to a permanent tooth, make sure to apply pressure to bleeding gums. You can apply a cold towel to sore gums as well. If you are in severe pain, you should always call your local emergency department to be seen.

We can provide emergency dental treatment but we cannot assist with emergency facial injuries or other kinds of medical emergency care. A dental professional might see you and then refer you to the nearest hospital Emergency Room for care that is not related to your mouth or your teeth.

What About Advanced Dentistry?

Your dentist will be able to determine if you will need more advanced dentistry solutions after your injury like tooth extractions or a root canal. The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you come into our office and get examined.

Emergency dentist care may not resolve all of your needs in one visit, but we can get you back to your daily life without struggling with a smile that is affected by discomfort.

Do not worry about whether or not you have insurance. We will take care of every person who comes through our doors with a dental concern. Schedule an appointment as soon as you can and let us take responsibility for the lead on your dental needs.

What Kinds of Dental Emergencies Can We Handle?

We can handle many kinds of dental emergencies in our Oregon offices, and you will not need an appointment to seek emergency treatment or care. We can see you for broken teeth or a lost tooth as well as a damaged or loose filling.

We can also see you for discomfort related to toothache that is not resolved with over the counter medications. Sometimes a tooth infection can require an emergency appointment as well and your dentist will attend to your dental pain as well as making sure that you get antibiotics for your infection.

Infections in and around your teeth can be very serious and you should take this kind of dental emergency as seriously as a knocked out tooth or a painful tooth. Crowns and other types of dental work can also suffer damage which can cause you lots of pain and suffering before you are seen.

Do not wait to see a dentist during regular business hours if you have toothaches that are causing symptoms that you cannot ignore. Our emergency dentists in Sandy, OR are here for your emergency dental care needs.

Calls Us For Emergency Dental Care

Contact us right away by phone or through our page if you have a dental emergency that requires immediate care. We will see children and adults during our emergency hours to help you get relief from your discomfort and pain.

Even severe swelling and other concerns can be seen after hours to make sure that you or your child do not need to be seen at an urgent care location.

Emergency dental care is important to us even outside of normal dentist office hours and we value making sure that we can take care of your needs immediately.

You will never have to worry about you or your child when there is an emergency dental need with us on your side. Our Sandy, OR office takes your dental care seriously at all hours of the day.


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